Preserved Daikon Radish Omelet ~菜脯蛋

Preserved Daikon Radish Omelet

Dotted with preserved daikon radish, this fluffy shallow-fried omelet is a classic homestyle dish across Taiwan. Deeply savory with a piquant punch in every bite.
Fried Yuba Pockets with Camellia Oil

Fried Yuba Pockets with Camellia Oil

We've been following Zoey Xinyi Gong since we started Yun Hai. She's a Traditional Chinese Medici...
Red Oil Wontons~ 紅油抄手

Red Oil Wontons

Red Oil Wontons make an excellent Sunday Supper, especially in the winter months, when being outs...

Run Bing and Spring Roll
潤餅, 春捲

Run Bing (潤餅), or Taiwanese Spring Roll, is a customary dish. Families gather around a table and wrap fresh and lightly cooked ingredients in spring roll skins.