Chili Crisp Bundle: Su Chili + Sze Daddy (save 10%)

I’m a chili crisp (née chili oil) pluralist. If we can have an aisle of ketchup, mustard and bbq sauce in our grocery stores, we ought to make room for a multitude of Chinese chili oils in our pantry. Ever been to a BBQ spot with 3+ bottles of sauce in squeezey bottles on the table? That’s how life should be.

I like evangelizing poetic product descriptions. Let me attempt some descriptions of my own. We have plans to add more throughout the year, so let this be your introduction.

Su Chili Crisp

Absolutely pure; as complex and luminous as the smell of an evergreen forest. Endless taste permutations, colliding differently with each moment. So bright it makes water taste soft. Quasi quantum with Orajel; also good for toothaches.

Sze Daddy

That feeling of stepping into sauna clay in a volcanic hot spring , except your feet are a spoon, the clay is a sweet garlic shallot sediment, and the spring is red oil. Soft like shacha, with a slow moving inertia that would keep it from spinning on axis in a centrifuge. Addictive like a pop song, 辣辣辣.

To encourage you to compare/contrast, we created a Chili Crisp bundle. Try both and write us a bizarre product review.