Chef's Bundle
Yun Hai Deep Cuts

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These are the Yun Hai Deep Cuts, a selection representative of Taiwan's Terroir for the experienced or budding chef. We've included our favorite items to cook and experiment with plus a handforged Chinese vegetable cleaver to finally get those scallions paper thin. Our Peanut Oil is cold pressed from Tainan No. 9 Peanuts, a mightily aromatic legume. Vat Bottom Soy Sauce comes from the bottom of the brewing vat, where all the glutamates gather and fall, and is best for braising. Soy Paste with Glutinous Rice Grains is a thicker soy sauce made by boiling the soy sauce with glutinous rice, for an old fashioned flavor and texture. Black Sesame Oil is distinctly Taiwanese, used in Sesame Oil Chicken Soup and Three Cup Chicken. Su Chili Crisp can be used to make a killer MaPo Tofu and basically goes on everything. Use the Fermented Black Beans for MaPo Tofu too, or steam them with some bitter melon in your Tatung rice cooker. All this packaged with a sweet Ga Ji Dai tote to remind us of the old days in Taiwan's wet markets and herbal shops.

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