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Taiwanese Desserts Gift Set


Rock Sugar, Sweet Beans, Tapioca Starch, Fig Seeds, Herbal Jelly, Glutinous Rice, Sweet Potatoes… What do all these ingredients have in common? They’re foundational ingredients for Taiwanese desserts.

Inspired by Taiwan’s not-too-sweet tooth, this bundle includes a few building blocks for making your favorite traditional desserts, like Ai Yu Jelly and Black Sesame Tang Yuan, as well as some ready-to-eat sweet treats straight from the motherland.

While cakes, cookies, tarts, and ice cream make an everyday appearance in Taiwan, dessert culture is largely defined by a selection of earthy ingredients that are variously cooked, processed, and prepared into beautiful assemblages of texture and flavor. They quiver and shine, and they aren’t too sweet. If you know someone who comes running at the prospect of scarlet beans bejewelling a mountain of black-sugar-sweetened shaved ice, this one's for them.

Bundle Contents

This bundle includes:

Black Sesame Paste
Great for making traditional desserts like Tang Yuan 湯圓, or more unconventional sweets like Black Sesame Soy Paste Pound Cake. Choose sweetened for a ready-to-go spreadable pate or unsweetened if you're baking and want to be in control of the sweetness level.

Organic Grass Jelly Herb, Small
Grown in Miaoli County, our certified organic Grass Jelly Herb (aka Mesona) can be steeped into tea or set with starch to make bouncy-QQ Grass Jelly 仙草凍.

Alishan Ai Yu Jelly Kit
This all-in-one kit has everything you need to make the golden child of Taiwanese summer desserts. Made from the seeds of the Ai Yu Jelly Fig (Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang), Ai Yu is typically eaten chilled with honey syrup and lemon juice.

Taiwanese Jams
These jams preserve the flavors and textures—pulp and all—of fresh Taiwanese fruits. They're as close to the fresh version as we've ever had and are made from pure fruit, sugar, and lemon juice. Your choice of either Irwin Mango and Red Guava or Passion Fruit Pumpkin and Mulberry.

Taiwanese Dried Fruit
To make our dried fruit, farmers harvest the fruit at peak ripeness, slice it thickly, then dry it immediately. This retains maximum flavor and texture; let yourself be transported to Taiwan. We've included Wax Apple and Guava.

Morinaga Caramels, Taro and Red Bean
bundle exclusive
Morinaga is a Japanese candy brand, but their caramels (made in Taiwan) are ubiquitous throughout Taiwan's army of 7-11 convenience stores. Every year, they release a special Morinaga X 7-11 flavor, and this year we've brought it to you. Like literally in a suitcase. One each of Taro and Red Bean. Note: the classic boxes are pictured in the overall photo of the bundle because we didn't have them yet (we were still raiding the 7-11s in Taiwan)! Please refer to the photo of the purple and maroon boxes for what's actually included.

Ga Ji Dai Gift Box
Designed by Taipei-based design studio O.OO, this gift set comes in a special box modeled after Ga Ji Dai, a traditional Taiwanese market tote in a technicolor palette.

Our 2023 Holiday Gift Collection

This holiday, the Yun Hai team put together five thematic gift boxes that reflect different aspects of Taiwanese cuisine and its champions. In addition to carefully selected Yun Hai products, each assortment features a special item exclusive to the set, probably hand-carried back from Taiwan by Yun Hai Shop co-owner Lillian.

Each set is packaged in a custom silkscreened box featuring the red, green, and blue Ga Ji Dai motif of Taiwan's traditional market totes. These boxes are designed to fit perfectly within our standard shippable mailer; send direct and customize your own gift note too.

Specifications and Dimensions

Dimensions: 11.9” L x 8.9” W x 5.8” H
Weight: 9.8 lbs / 4.4 kg