Tian Dian Dessert Bundle

Save 20% with the Tian Dian Bundle

Do you have a Taiwanese Dessert Stan in your life? That friend that takes selfies with their Boba a little too often? The one that gets misty eyed when discussing tang yuan stuffed with black sesame or Ai Yu Jelly in the streets of Taiwan? The co-worker that takes long lunch breaks at Meet Fresh alone and doesn't tell anyone about the giant serving of grass jelly they consumed (yes, speaking from personal experience here). Well, this is the bundle for them: the best quality Taiwanese dessert ingredients so they can make their own at home from our wild grown Ai Yu Fig Seeds, Organic Grass Jelly Herb, and our Stone Ground Black Sesame Paste. Stan on.

Each pack of Ai Yu Seeds makes 3 quarts of jelly and each pack of Mesona makes 14 cups of grass jelly.

Bundle Contents