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Fermented Black Beans

The first step in making soy sauce is to inoculate black soy beans with koji bacteria and culture them in handwoven bamboo baskets. After this first step, the inoculated soybeans are mixed with water and salt and cultured for 180 days in earthenware vessels undisturbed under the sun. But first, small batches of these savory black bean nuggets, known as douchi, are extracted for use in daily cooking as an ingredient related to, but distinct from soy sauce. These black beans are used in familiar dishes like Ma Po Tofu, Clams (or anything) with black bean sauce, and the Taiwanese dish Fly Head (chives, ground pork, and black beans). Unlike most dry fermented black beans, these are immediately packaged to preserve their moisture and thus remain soft and succulent.

Note: the packaging for this item is a food safe, heat sealed, moisture barrier bag made from kraft paper and a plastic membrane. We are not using jars for this product as it adds unnecessary shipping costs, which would prevent us from offering this at a reasonable cost. A new photograph will be provided soon!

These are incredible—the only small batch, hand fermented Chinese black bean you can buy in the USA. 

Recipes featuring this ingredient on our blog: MaPo Tofu

Tasting Notes

Salty, fragrant, umami, with notes of chocolate

Ingredients and Volume

Non-GMO black soybeans, Australian sea salt. Gluten free. 70 grams.


Shelf stable for 2 years from printed manufacturing date. Keep refrigerated after opening.


Yunlin, Taiwan


Yu Ding Xing 御鼎興

Proudly Made in Taiwan

Native Taiwanese Black Soybeans are inoculated with a koji culture and fermented with sea salt

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