Sze Daddy Taiwanese Chili Sauce

Sze Daddy is the creation of Eric Sze, chef at 886, one of our favorite Taiwanese spots in NYC. The sauce draws inspiration from Taiwanese sha-cha sauce, and pays tribute to the chef's Sichuan heritage with a slightly mala mouthfeel. It's the first product we've launched that is made in the USA; so happy to be representing the Taiwanese diaspora.

These are produced and bottled in small batches by Eric and delivered to the Yun Hai warehouse just after production. Purchasing products like this is a great way to support the restaurant industry during the pandemic, so don't hesitate to bring the taste of 886 home.

The texture and taste of this is quite different from our other chili sauce, Su Chili Crisp. It's spicier, sweeter, only subtly mala, and rich with allium flavors. The texture of the sediment is soft, similar to the delicious, oil-soaked aromatics found at the bottom of sha-cha sauce.

Tasting Notes and Usage

allium, anisette, sweet, spicy, savory

Use it like a hot sauce. 886 recommends using it to dress steak, brighten up dumpling filling, and as a topping for fried rice. Truly multi-purpose.

Ingredients and Instructions

Canola oil, scallion, garlic, dried chili, xiaomi chili, sichuan peppercorns, korean chili powder, sesame, sugar, salt, MSG, star anise.

Gluten free and Vegan.
6 oz.
Refrigerate after opening. Best before one year from bottle date, longer if refrigerated.