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Nyonya Garlic Chili Sauce, Large
Nyonya Garlic Chili Sauce, Large


Nyonya Garlic Chili Sauce, Large


Nyonya Sauce is a garlic vinegar chili sauce originating in the Peranakan cooking traditions of Penang, Malaysia. It’s produced by Ewe and Yishan of Mama Nyonya, a husband and wife team based in Central Taiwan. The recipe comes from Ewe’s great grandmother, who prepared it as a condiment for the family’s daily use and encouraged the couple to produce it in Taiwan after sampling the garlic grown on Yishan's family farm.

The garlic used in the sauce is the key ingredient for a startlingly fresh flavor. Yishan's family grows a specific kind of hard neck garlic called He Mei 和美蒜 that has smaller, spicier cloves than other varieties. The pepper mix? Well that's a family secret (and pretty elaborate, as far as I can tell).

Nyonya sauce is made in Changhua County, Taiwan. Each bottle is stamped with the date of manufacture. It’s available in two spice levels: spicy and mild and in two sizes. The large one comes with a beautiful gift box (complete with hand tied ribbon) that turns into a pencil stand.

Tasting Notes and Usage

sweet, tangy, spicy, garlicky, fresh, and fragrant

Swap in Nyonya Sauce anywhere you’d use Sriracha. You can use it everywhere. Our favorite use is as a dipping sauce for our radish cakes 蘿蔔糕, Zongzi 粽子, glutinous oil rice 油飯, and fried fish cakes 甜不辣. Second best use? On pizza and fries.

Ingredients and Instructions

3.88 oz. (110g) small
10.58 oz. (330g) large

garlic, chili, vinegar, sugar

Gluten Free.

Shelf stable for 1 year from printed manufacturing date.
Keep refrigerated after opening.

About Mama Nyonya

Ewe and Yishan Ko are a Malaysian-Taiwanese couple that produce a family recipe for Nyonya sauce from garlic grown on their family farm.

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