Umami Mala Bundle (save 5%)

Su Chili Crisp and Firewood Soy Paste is our favorite flavor combination for dressing up anything, from a bowl of noodles to eggs and bacon. Bringing umami and mala together in the best possible way. 

Bundle Contents
  • 1 x Su Chili Crisp
  • 1 x Firewood Soy Paste

Su Chili Crisp

You'll be surprised at how well this works as a finishing oil for almost anything. Stir well before using to get plenty of crispy sediment. This is a mala chili crisp; the brown peppercorn flavor makes Sichuan cooking a breeze.

Firewood Soy Paste

Traditional Firewood Soy Paste is naturally fermented for 180 days and roasted over a wood fire prior. This product was developed in pursuit of that "old-fashioned" authentically Taiwanese flavor. Gluten-free.