Maruso Original Soy Paste

This soy paste (or thick soy sauce) comes in a sturdy retail gift box and a nice glass bottle. It’s well-rounded, full bodied, and has that distinct black soybean flavor so unique to Taiwan.

Maruso’s products are made and bottled in Taiwan.

Tasting Notes and Usage

funky, and well rounded

Use in marinades, stir fries and as a dipping sauce.

Ingredients and Instructions

14.5 fl oz or 10.1 fl oz

Water, Organic Black Soy Beans, Sea Salt, Rice, Cane Sugar

No preservatives
Gluten Free
Additive Free
Naturally Fermented

About Maruso Soy

Maruso is the US branch of one of Taiwan’s oldest soy sauce producers, founded in 1909 during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. The grandson of the original founder incorporated the US branch of the business in 2009, in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the original business.

Taiwan company is called 丸莊食品工業股份有限公司