Single Origin Bundle (save 10%)

All the products in this bundle are made from single origin black soybeans, hand selected by the soy sauce brewer at a soybean farm in Central Taiwan. The soybeans are cultivated with natural methods and are non-GMO. These products are also gluten-free, made in the old fashioned way, without wheat.

Bundle Contents
  • Amber River Soy Sauce

  • Soy Paste with Glutinous Rice Grains
  • Miso Soy Paste

Amber River Soy Sauce

This soy sauce has been brewed for a year in terracotta barrels under the Taiwan sun. It's made from single-origin, hand selected black soybeans grown by a farmer friend of the soy sauce brewer. The flavor is chocolatey and complex; it's the best soy sauce we have on offer. Use it in dips and finishing sauces. Gluten-free.

Soy Paste with Glutinous Rice Grains

Soy Paste, also known as thick soy sauce, is soy sauce thickened with rice starch or grains. Use it as a dip, a glaze, or for finishing stir-fries. This soy paste is made from our single-origin Amber River Soy Sauce, which has been cooked with glutinous rice grains to add body and sweetness. Gluten-free.

Miso Soy Paste

This is made with single origin soy paste that has been mixed 50/50 with a handmade miso from eastern Taiwan, produce by soybean milk maker He Nai Chuan. Taiwan was occupied by Japan prior to WWII, and Japanese cuisine is intertwined with Chinese. This miso soy paste is a exemplary of Taiwan's unique food culture and tumultuous history.