Pantry Basics Bundle, Naturally Gluten-Free (save 10%)

This bundle contains our favorite products for Taiwanese and Chinese cooking, and they happen to be gluten-free by tradition. Taiwanese soy sauces were originally made with black soybeans only. Wheat was added when Japanese style soy sauces became more popular. These products are a world away from their commercial counterparts; produced by third-generation artisans and packed with complexity and quality. 

Bring recipe favorites like Mapo Tofu and Scallion Oil Noodles to the next level with these naturally fermented and handmade products. Need recipe inspiration? Check out our Yun Hai Family Recipe page. 

Bundle Contents
  • Soy Paste with Glutinous Rice Paste
  • Vat Bottom Soy Sauce
  • Su Chili Crisp

Vat Bottom Soy Sauce

Use it as a general purpose soy sauce, but measure out less than usual, as the salinity is higher than most commercial soy sauces. It's the premium part of the brew, great for braising, marinating and stir-frying. Gluten-free.

Soy Paste with Glutinous Rice Grains

Soy Paste, also known as thick soy sauce, is soy sauce thickened with rice starch or, in this case, whole glutinous rice grains. Use it as a dip, a glaze, or for finishing stir-fries. Amazing when paired with Su Chili Crisp as a condiment. Gluten-free.

Su Chili Crisp

You'll be surprised at how well this works as a finishing oil for almost anything. Stir well before using to get plenty of crispy sediment. This is a mala chili crisp; the brown peppercorn flavor makes Sichuan cooking a breeze.