Ban Mian Condiment Bundle
For Foolproof Noodle Sauce

Save 10% with the Ban Mian Bundle

Ban Mian 拌麵 translates to "mixed noodle", and refers to a class of dishes where boiled noodles and bits and pieces of vegetables and proteins get thrown into a bowl with a sauce mixed from a combo of condiments, oils, and other seasonings. For example, in Taiwanese Peanut Noodles, a sauce is whipped up from sesame paste, white sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar, chili crisp, and a few other elements, mixed directly with a serving of noodles in the serving bowl, and topped with crunchy vegetables and poached chicken. Or in Shallot Oil Noodles, a dressing is made from shallot oil and mixed with soy paste and topped with a fried egg for a crispy, savory, umami treat.

This is a bundle for weeknight casual 拌麵. Mix a few selections together with some garlic, a little sugar, and maybe a touch of vinegar and you can't go wrong.

Bundle Contents