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Red Oolong (Fall '23)
Red Oolong (Fall '23)
Red Oolong (Fall '23)

Red Oolong (Fall '23)


Tea is not only essential to Taiwanese daily life, but also to Taiwanese identity and agriculture. From our friends at BANGtea, this red oolong is produced once a year during the fall season. This particular batch was harvested in Fall 2023 from a family-run organic tea farm in Lugu, Nantou, Taiwan.

Origin: Shanlinxi, Lugu township, Nantou county, Taiwan
Elevation: 1400 meters
Cultivar: Qingxin (青心)
Oxidation : 10%
Roast: 20 hours

From BANGtea:
This oolong is bold and has some serious zip! Based on your brewing method, our red oolong is always a chameleon—let it steep for a long time and you’ll have an intense brew, excellent for iced tea or a cold brew. If you prefer shorter steeps, you’ll be able to experience more depth and nuance of flavor, bringing out its nuttiness and fruitiness.

If you’re curious about red oolongs, we’ve modeled ours off the Dong Ding style that is grown in the nearby famous growing region. Consider this a twist on a classic, grown at a higher elevation and equally delicious. If you’re a coffee drinker, you may love our red oolong’s long, lingering aftertaste and mild astringency.

Tasting Notes and Usage

pecan, coffee grounds, red plum

Steep 4 g (0.1 oz) / 206 degrees / 60 seconds / multiple brews

Specifications and Dimensions

Dimensions: 4” L at top of bag x 3.7” at bottom of bag x 1.3” W x 6.8”

Weight: 62 g / 2.2 oz

About BANGtea

BANGtea was established in 2018 by Samantha Tilney to bring the highest quality Taiwanese oolong tea to the U.S. She works directly with tea masters to produce the top 1% of oolong that never makes it to market, even in Taiwan. They strive to highlight the variation in flavors across seasons and processing styles.
SKU: BT010100