Vat Bottom Soy Sauce

Taiwanese soy sauces are brewed in terracotta barrels, relying on consistent sunlight to create the perfect environment for fermentation. The sauces are left undisturbed as they ferment, and naturally separate into layers. The soy sauce at the very bottom of the earthenware containers is cherished as the best part of the brew. Only a small amount of this barrel-bottom soy sauce can be extracted from each ferment, due to the tapered shape of the earthenware barrels. This soy sauce is the most flavorful and lightest in viscosity and color. 

Yu Ding Xing makes their soy sauce with black beans and salt. After 180 days of fermenting in earthenware barrels (which impart a flavor of their own), the bottom layer is extracted. This type of soy sauce is lightest in color (it won’t color your food as heavily), but is also the most concentrated in salinity, fragrance and flavor.

Use it as a general purpose soy sauce, but measure out less than usual, as the salinity is higher than most commercial soy sauces.

Tasting Notes

Salty, fragrant, full

Ingredients and Volume

Water, non-GMO black soybeans, sea salt, sugar. Gluten free. 420ml.


Shelf stable for 2 years from printed manufacturing date. Keep refrigerated after opening.


Yunlin, Taiwan


Yu Ding Xing 御鼎興

Proudly Made in Taiwan

Inoculated black soybeans are mixed with sea salt and water in earthenware barrels.
The soy sauce sits undisturbed for 180 days, relying on natural sunlight to create a favorable environment for fermentation.
After 180 days, the raw soy sauce is extracted from the bottom of the earthenware barrel.

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