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Nyonya Sauce

*Note: Nyoyna Sauce is unavailable until further notice. The supply chain has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The owner, who lives in Macau, is unable to return to Taiwan to complete their quarterly production. We will restock as soon as we are able.*

Nyonya Sauce is a garlic vinegar chili sauce originating in the Peranakan cooking traditions of Penang. It’s produced by Ewe and Yishan of Mama Nyonya, a husband and wife team based in Central Taiwan. The recipe comes from Ewe’s great grandmother, who prepared it as a condiment for the family’s daily use in Penang. The garlic used in the sauce is grown on Yishan’s family farm—the key ingredient for a startlingly fresh flavor.

Swap in Nyonya Sauce anywhere you’d use Sriracha. Nyonya has a similar list of ingredients (sans preservatives), but is notably round and fragrant with a natural sweetness.

Nyonya sauce is made to order for Yun Hai. Each bottle is stamped with the date of manufacture. It’s sold in two sizes: regular (3.8 oz/110g) and extra large (11.7 oz/330g). The larger size is packaged in a foil stamped box and wrapped with a ribbon. It makes a beautiful gift. 

Tasting Notes

Sweet, tangy, spicy, garlicky, fresh, and fragrant

Ingredients and Volume

Garlic, chili, vinegar, sugar. 11.7 oz. (330g). 


Shelf stable for 1 year from printed manufacturing date. Keep refrigerated after opening.


Changhua County, Taiwan


Mama Nyonya 

Proudly Made in Taiwan

Nyonya sauce is made with garlic grown on Mama Nyonya's family farm.

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