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Organic Grass Jelly Herb (Mesona)
Organic Grass Jelly Herb (Mesona)
Organic Grass Jelly Herb (Mesona)
Organic Grass Jelly Herb (Mesona)
Organic Grass Jelly Herb (Mesona)
Organic Grass Jelly Herb (Mesona)
Organic Grass Jelly Herb (Mesona)
Organic Grass Jelly Herb (Mesona)


Organic Grass Jelly Herb (Mesona)


Grass Jelly 仙草凍 is an herbal dessert consumed throughout Taiwan at all times of year. In the summer, find it cubed with fresh fruit, sweet beans and condensed milk. In the winter, have it warm with chewy tang yuan. Grass Jelly Tea 仙草茶, a cooling beverage, is served hot or cold in tea shops and from traditional tea 古早茶 trolleys year round. The flavor is something between mint and rooibos, but so much more.

Both are made from Mesona Chinesis 仙草, a member of the mint family (yep, square stems). In addition to being a favorite dessert ingredient, it’s been used for medicinal purposes in Taiwan for centuries, primarily to cool the body and aid in digestive health. To prepare mesona, the tea is brewed by boiling the stems and leaves of the plant. This is either consumed as a drink or further set with starch (traditionally tapioca) and sweetener into a jelly. Instructions here.

*Please note, a thickening agent such as agar agar or gelatin is needed to form the jelly. Not included with dried herbs. See instructions for details.

In North America, fresh Grass Jelly and Grass Jelly Tea are hard to come by; they are usually sold in canned, boxed or powdered forms that lack the subtlety of the pure herb. We’re thrilled to offer grass jelly (Mesona) in its pure dried form; I’ll admit that when I opened the bag I couldnt’ stop huffing it. Now we can all make top quality Grass Jelly tea 仙草茶 at home.

Our certified organic Grass Jelly Herb (Mesona) is grown in Miaoli County, Taiwan using no fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Growing high quality Mesona requires the right balance of moisture and sun. Miaoli County is perfectly suited, as the mountains fill with clouds in the afternoon, creating a humid and cool microclimate for the Mesona.

We truly believe this Grass Jelly Herb is in a league of its own. Cooking it may seem like extra effort compared to the readymade versions, but the payoff is big. Plus, your home will smell intoxicating, reason enough to give this a try.

Tasting Notes and Usage

mountain air, rooibos

Use this to prepare grass jelly or grass jelly tea, hot or cold. Please refer to our instructions and reach out if you need tips.

Ingredients and Instructions

100% dried certified organic Mesona

1 Jing/1 .32 lb
Can make 14 cups of grass jelly tea
1-2 cups is enough for one serving of tea or jelly
Instructions here.

About Yun Hai Selection

Yun Hai Selection is the house brand of Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry. Every item is hand selected and sourced from the very best producers we could find in Taiwan.

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