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Win Son At Home Gift Set


Win Son is a celebrated Taiwanese American restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They're good friends of ours and are as entwined with the history of Yun Hai as you could get without actually being us. This bundle is dedicated to them and our long friendship. With it, you can recreate the flavors of signature Win Son dishes, from Stir-Fried Pea Shoots to Lu Rou Fan.

We've been providing Taiwanese soy paste and fermented black beans to Win Son since our early days as an artisanal food distributor. When they were building out their bakery, co-owners Josh and Trigg carved out a spot for the first Yun Hai retail shelf. Now, our brick-and-mortar store is located adjacent to their central kitchen (and we benefit greatly from their out-the-door-tik-tok-influencer lines). Our block has come to be known as Little Taiwan, and we hosted Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen together. We hope to see you in our little corner of the world one day soon, but until then, there's always the cookbook.

Bundle Contents

This bundle includes:

Win Son Presents: A Taiwanese American Cookbook by Josh Ku and Trigg Brown with Cathy Erway
A chronicle of the journey of Win Son, the community around it, and the recipes that are the heart and soul of the restaurant. Look for Lisa Cheng Smith’s recipe cameo and do not sleep on the wu yu zi mian.

Soy Paste
The delicious condiment that kicked off a years long friendship, featured on Win Son’s menu (dressing up the snow pea leaves) and in the book. Win Son uses both the Traditional Firewood Soy Paste and the Miso Soy Paste in their dishes, so take your pick.

Shallot Oil
We once did a pop up where we served Yun Hai's recipe Scallion Oil noodles and we’ve been talking about this “mother sauce” ever since.

Alishan Ai Yu Jelly Kit
Did you know that Win Son Bakery is one of the few places in NYC (or maybe the only) that you can get Ai Yu Jelly lemonade? They make it fresh from the Ai Yu Jelly seeds we import from Taiwan.

Dried Golden Diamond Pineapple, 2 count
One of our most beloved collaborations are the pineapple cakes we make on special occasions with Win Son. The original recipe by our friend Cat Yeh and Win Son pastry chef Danielle Spencer features fresh pineapple jam, parmesan cheese, loads of butter, and pieces of our dried Golden Diamond pineapple.

Occo Spice Kit
bundle exclusive
Win Son collaborated with spice company Occo to pack their spice blends into recyclable pods, making it easy to cook signature dishes like their Taiwanese fried chicken and Lu Rou Fan. We saw chef Trigg Brown blending these spices in the kitchen himself; he made us smell the white pepper.

Ga Ji Dai Gift Box
The outer box is silkscreened and printed in Taiwan, inspired by Ga Ji Dai, a traditional Taiwanese market tote in a technicolor palette. Designed by our friends and collaborators O.OO, a Taipei-based design studio and print shop.

Our 2023 Holiday Gift Collection

This holiday, the Yun Hai team put together five thematic gift boxes that reflect different aspects of Taiwanese cuisine and its champions. In addition to carefully selected Yun Hai products, each assortment features a special item exclusive to the set, probably hand-carried back from Taiwan by Yun Hai Shop co-owner Lillian.

Each set is packaged in a custom silkscreened box featuring the red, green, and blue Ga Ji Dai motif of Taiwan's traditional market totes. These boxes are designed to fit perfectly within our standard shippable mailer; send direct and customize your own gift note too.

Specifications and Dimensions

Dimensions: 11.9” L x 8.9” W x 5.8” H
Weight: approx. 8 lb / 3.6 kg