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Fancy Oil Bundle

Fancy Oil Bundle


Here are two oils that we recommend adding to your weekly rotation, both packed with phytonutrients and deep botanical flavor. These oils are cold pressed by a one-hundred-year-old pressery, using pneumatic pressure to extract the perfect flavor and mouthfeel 口感.

Black Sesame Oil is a lesser known counterpart to the more popular White Sesame Oil. It's richer and deeper in flavor and reddish black in color. It's used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is best used in richer, heartier dishes—most famously three cup chicken and sesame oil chicken soup. Camellia Seed Oil is Taiwan's Olive Oil, a light, bright, nearly neutral oil with a high smoke point and nutritional benefits similar to (and in some ways exceeding) olive oil. We love to pan fry our scallion pancakes in this or toss a few tablespoons into a weeknight noodle dish for an extra nutritional boost.

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