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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to frequently asked customer questions below. We would love to hear from you. If you have a question, please email us at 

Q: Can you help me send gifts to my friends, family members, or colleagues?

We’d love to assist! Learn more here about our bulk and corporate gifting options.

Q: Why is Taiwanese soy sauce special?

Traditional Taiwanese soy sauce is made only with native Taiwanese black soybeans, salt, water, and sugar. Black soybeans differ from the more widely used yellow soybean. They have a mellower, sweeter, and more nostalgically Taiwanese flavor. This type of soy sauce is very similar to traditional Chinese soy sauces, where no wheat is used. Taiwanese black bean soy sauces are gluten-free.

Q: Are your products properly labeled for sale in the US?

Yes, all our products are imported and labeled in accordance with FDA rules and regulations. You won't see nutrition facts on our labels—companies that import low volumes of food products are exempt from nutrition facts labeling. Typically, we add a small white label to the original packaging that summarizes ingredients, shelf life, storage instructions and company information.

Q: Do your products have additives or preservatives?

For the most part, our products do not have additives or preservatives and are produced in small batches by family run establishments. We do carry two soy sauces that have a small amount of glutamate-related ingredients that are added instead of naturally generated through the fermentation process. These ingredients are naturally derived and are used to create a more affordable, but still high quality, product. We will not limit consumer options by adopting a legalistic approach to food additives, fueled by an outdated MSG-scare linked to Asian racial stereotypes. Please visit this page to find out more about these additives and our stance on glutamates in general.