Taiwanese Cold Peanut and Sesame Noodles

Taiwanese Peanut Noodles are best enjoyed in the early mornings after a long night of KTV, but we won't blame you if you eat them for dinner on a hot summer day in August. 

Run Bing 潤餅 and Spring Roll 春捲

Run Bing (潤餅), or Taiwanese Spring Roll, is a customary dish. Families gather around a table and wrap fresh and lightly cooked ingredients in spring roll skins.
Sichuan Spicy Cold Noodles with Su Chili Crisp ~ 四川涼麵

Sichuan Spicy Cold Noodles with Su Chili Crisp

A spicy, sweet, tangy cold noodle dish from Yi Reservation, featuring Su Chili Crisp. Perfect for hot summer days.
Lu Rou Fan ~ 滷肉飯

Lu Rou Fan

Lu Rou Fan is like the Sunday Sauce of Taiwan—a rich and aromatic five-spice pork ragú whipped up from simple and inexpensive ingredients. 
Tainan Style Zongzi ~ 台南肉粽

Tainan Style Zongzi

Sticky Rice Dumpling, or Zong 粽 (pl. Zongzi 粽子), is a simple but ingenious food format—glutinous rice is packed tightly into a tetrahedral funnel made of bamboo leaves and tied off with straw or twine. 
Chinese Broccoli with Soy Paste~醬油膏芥藍

Chinese Broccoli with Soy Paste

Taiwanese Soy Paste can dress up a simple steamed or blanched veggie dish on any occasion, whether for a quick weekday lunch or a side dish for your banquet spread.
Scallion Oil Noodles ~ 蔥油拌麵

Scallion Oil Noodles

One of our signature dishes and our favorite way to use Taiwanese soy paste (also known as thick soy sauce). Simple ingredients, some patience, and a little bit of technique go a long way in this crowd-pleasing noodle dish. 

Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐) is a classic Sichuan dish, and our most requested recipe.