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Peanut Oil, Cold Pressed
Peanut Oil, Cold Pressed
Peanut Oil, Cold Pressed
Peanut Oil, Cold Pressed


Peanut Oil, Cold Pressed


In the old days in Taiwan, people would go directly to the oil vendor, who filled their jars with freshly cold-pressed oils. I’ve heard many an elder wax poetic about the quality of these peanut and sesame oils, simply manufactured but fresh and flavorful. Dong He Oil, founded in 1921, has continued their cold press oil operation for four generations, and we’re proud to offer their traditional peanut oil.

This peanut oil is cold-pressed in the old-fashioned way, so fresh you can smell the shell. Dong He uses a special variety of locally farmed peanuts called Tainan No.9, found only in Taiwan. These are small and mighty, famous for their intense peanut fragrance and high oil content. The resulting oil is nutty and warm, with an unmistakable melt-in-your-mouth peanut flavor. This is the peanut oil of your dreams, bringing an instant mouth-watering, warm flavor to all your dishes. Peanut oil has a high smoke point and is great for both stir- and deep frying. You can even use it in your baked goods to add a nutty backdrop.

Tasting Notes and Usage

rich and heady with notes of reese’s peanut butter cup and baseball game

This oil’s high smoke point makes it ideal for stir fries as well as shallow/deep frying. It can also be used in baked goods in place of other fats to impart a rich, nutty flavor. Stored in a cool dark place, it will keep for months.

Ingredients and Instructions

16.9 fl. oz.

100% cold-pressed peanut oil

Gluten Free

About DongHe Oil

Dong He Oil is a traditional producer of cold-pressed oils and stone-ground sesame pastes located in Chiayi, Taiwan. The oil mill was founded 100 years ago in 1921, as the original producer of cooking oil for the Dongshi township in Chiayi county. Operating in the original wood-beamed, brick building with much of the original machinery, Dong He upholds the same traditional craft principles that distinguishes their products from competitors. They continue to produce cold-pressed sesame, peanut and camellia seed oils today, and have added stone-ground sesame pastes, peanut butters, and a line of specialty sauces featuring house ingredients and family recipes.

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