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QQ Jelly Starter Pack
QQ Jelly Starter Pack
QQ Jelly Starter Pack
QQ Jelly Starter Pack


QQ Jelly Starter Pack


Get both our Alishan Ai Yu Jelly Kit and Organic Grass Jelly Herb with this bundle.

Grass Jelly 仙草凍 is an herbal dessert consumed throughout Taiwan at all times of year. In the summer, find it cubed with fresh fruit, sweet beans and condensed milk. In the winter, have it warm with chewy tang yuan. Grass Jelly Tea 仙草茶, a cooling beverage, is served hot or cold in tea shops and from traditional tea 古早茶 trolleys year round. The flavor is something between mint and rooibos, but so much more.

Ai Yu 愛玉 is an amber-colored jelly commonly served with lemons, honey, and wild starch pearls 山粉圓 in tea shops and night markets across the Taiwan. The jelly is made from the seeds of the Ai Yu Jelly Fig (Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang), a plant native to Taiwan with deep significance to the indigenous communities in the Alishan Mountain Range.

Learn how to make these Taiwanese desserts here.

Each Ai Yu Jelly Kit makes 3 quarts of jelly and each pack of Mesona makes 14 cups of grass jelly.

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