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Mid Autumn 中秋節: Get BBQ Ready

Bring the hot 辣, umami 鲜, and sweet 甜 to your moonlight BBQ with our collection of soy sauces, chili sauces, and aromatic oils.

Soy Pastes are a great marinade ingredient—sweet, sticky, and almost smoky in flavor. Peanut oil is great for brushing meats during grilling and sesame oils add flavor and aroma as a finishing touch. For added fragrance, cut a scallion into a little basting brush by slicing up the white end while leaving the greens intact and use this to apply the oil at the very end. Bullet Chili Crisp and Empress Hot Sauces can be used as a marinade ingredient, brushed on while grilling, or served as a condiment for dipping. 

Read all about the Taiwanese moonlight BBQ tradition and get our recipe for Mid Autumn BBQ Sauce in our most recent newsletter.