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Yun Hai Tatung Family Cookbook


To show the wide breadth of capabilities of the Tatung Rice Cooker and Steamer, we put together this cookbook featuring ten traditional Taiwanese recipes, all prepared in the Tatung. It was written by Lisa Cheng Smith with recipe development support by Lillian Lin and Cat Yeh. Design by O.oo; photography by Robert Bredvad, with art direction by Stephanie H. Shih and food styling by Jessie YuChen.

Table of Contents
Tatung Tips 'n' Tricks
Tatung FAQ
Steamed Rice
Caramelized Sugar Tea Eggs
Sweet Potato Congee
Black Sugar Cake
Black Sesame Oil Chicken Soup
Braised Pork Over Rice (Lu Rou Fan)
Steamed Kabocha with Black Bean Sauce
Taiwanese Homestyle Steamed Fish
Taiwanese Sticky Rice with Sausage
Steamed Egg

28 pages

About Yun Hai Selection

Yun Hai Selection is the house brand of Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry.

Taiwan and its Steam Cooker

The Tatung Electric Rice Cooker and Steamer is an essential Taiwanese appliance that has been in production for over 60 years. It is beloved for its simplicity, versatility, and durability. Though known primarily as a rice cooker, it's actually a double boiler and steamer. Use it to gently cook braises and stews, steam breads and buns, and reheat leftovers. A simple and flexible cooker with many applications, the Tatung Rice Cooker and Steamer is an icon of classic Taiwanese design and daily life.

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7.9" x 10.3" x .13"