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Tatung Electric Steamer and Rice Cooker

The Tatung Electric Steamer and Rice Cooker

We’re honored to partner with Tatung Company bring the original red and green colors to the US. We're maintaining this page as a resource Tatung users around the world.


Known in Taiwan as Dian Guo 電鍋 (electric pot), this appliance’s virtue lies in its simplicity. It is reliable, flexible, with a cute, round body and a sweet babbling sound—a no-frills friend with only two states, on or off.

The concept is straightforward; it’s a steamer that shuts itself off when the water boils away. Place your ingredients into the included pot, pour a bit of water into the appliance, and place the pot inside. Press the switch to start cooking. The water will boil, steaming the food. Once the water evaporates, the switch flips off, producing a nostalgic, pavlovian ‘pop’ sound.

The Tatung is not a rice cooker that can do a few other things; it is a countertop steamer that incidentally makes excellent rice. With this Dian Guo 電鍋 you can easily steam buns, dumplings, meats, and stews with just a click.


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