Taiwan Pineapple Soy Sauce

Taiwan Pineapple Soy Sauce is fermented with black soybeans and locally grown pineapple, renowned for its sweetness and rich flavor. Fresh pineapple is mixed with black soybeans and salt, and left to ferment together for 180 days in earthenware pots. The result is a soy sauce that’s lighter in color, briny, bright and slightly herbaceous. The brew takes on a hint of the golden color of the pineapple and is brothy in consistency.

Excellent for use as an all purpose soy sauce.

Tasting Notes

Briny, bright, vegetal and light

Ingredients and Volume

Water, black soybeans, pineapples, licorice, sea salt.  Gluten free. 420ml.


Shelf stable for 2 years from printed manufacturing date. Keep refrigerated after opening.


Yunlin, Taiwan


Yu Ding Xing 御鼎興

Proudly Made in Taiwan

This soy sauce is fermented with fresh Taiwan pineapple.

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