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台灣手工鮮果醬 - 紅心芭樂

Taiwanese Red Guava Jam

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Our Taiwanese fruit preserves are just that—Taiwanese fruit and not much else. They’re so fresh, we almost wouldn’t call them jam; they're closer to a fruit sauce than to jelly. They feature large chunks of fruit, are lower in sugar than conventional versions, and are prepared in micro-batches to ensure the gentlest of processing.

We work with Dolly and Chin, jam makers in Taipei, who make these by hand in small quantities (we’re talking stockpot size) to preserve the nuances and aroma of the fresh fruit.

This Red Guava Jam is made with guava grown by a self-taught fruit farmer who is close friends with the jam makers. They're ripened until tender, and the entire fruit—juice, fibers, seeds, and all—is simmered with sugar and lemon juice over a low flame until the natural pectin inside it is released.

We are delighted by the pure intensity of the guava aroma and the poppy-red color of the preserve, interspersed with flecks of yellow-green. Perfect for spooning over a scone with crème fraîche.

About Our Jams

The jams we offer are a bit different than conventional spreads, which are typically firmly set and may use pectin as a gelling agent to achieve that uniform consistency. Ours are somewhere between juice and jam, between compote and preserve. No gelling agents are used, other than the pectin present in the fruits themselves, and the texture is much closer to fruit than jelly. And they are all-natural too: only fruit, lemon juice, and sugar are used in their preparation. The result is juicy and pulpy, heady with flavor and fragrance. But also lighter and less sweet than a regular jam.

We feel these jams capture the essence of Taiwanese fruits. They’re a perfect topping for toasts, biscuits, yogurt, oatmeal, and ice cream. Add them to baked goods, smoothies, cocktails, cakes, or even savory dressings and sauces—anything that needs a delicate note of fruit.

Tasting Notes and Usage

Pure, intense guava flavor—floral and ripe—with chunks of fruit

Our jams are not as sweet as conventional jams in the US, so don't be shy with the amount you use, especially when mixing into yogurt or drizzling on ice cream.

Scoop it over crème fraîche on a scone, eat it with yogurt, spread it over plain toast with butter, or even mix it into a batch of homemade ice cream.

Ingredients and Instructions

Red guava, lemon juice, sugar

No artificial preservatives.

Best before printed date.
Chill before using. Refrigerate after opening. Best consumed within one month of opening. You won't have any trouble achieving this.

About Yun Hai Selection

Yun Hai Selection is the house brand of Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry.

Specifications and Dimensions

Dimensions: 2.75" D x 3.75" H
Net Weight: 280 g / 9.9 oz