Amber River Soy Sauce

Traditional Taiwanese soy sauce is made only with native Taiwanese black soybeans, salt, water, and sugar. Black soybeans differ from the more widely used yellow soybean. They have a mellower, sweeter, nostalgically Taiwanese flavor. This type of soy sauce is a traditional form of Chinese soy sauce, brewed without wheat. Black bean soy sauces are gluten free.

The Amber River Soy Sauce by Yu Ding Xing is exemplary of the best Taiwanese soy sauces. The black beans are sourced locally, steamed in bamboo baskets, cultured with koji, and fermented with salt in earthenware pots. After 450 days, the soy sauce is heated over a wood fire, which halts the fermentation process. 

Tasting Notes

salty, umami, mellow, with chocolate and barnyard undertones

Ingredients and Volume

300 ml. Water, native Taiwanese black beans, sea salt, sugar. Gluten-free. 


Shelf stable for 2 years from printed manufacturing date. Keep refrigerated after opening.


Yunlin, Taiwan

Proudly Made in Taiwan

Amber River Soy Sauce is made from natively grown Taiwanese black beans, different from the yellow soybeans typically used.
The black beans are steamed in bamboo baskets before being mixed with koji and left to culture.
After their initial fermentation, the soy beans are covered with fuzzy koji mold.
The inoculated soy beans are washed, mixed with salt and water, and left to ferment in earthenware pots for 450 days.
The mixture is heated over a wood fire to stop fermentation, and the soy sauce is then extracted and bottled.

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