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QQ Dragon Sticker, Pack of 2
QQ Dragon Sticker, Pack of 2
QQ Dragon Sticker, Pack of 2


QQ Dragon Sticker, Pack of 2


Every year we draw a new mascot for Yun Hai based on the Chinese zodiac. We use the letter Q for the creature’s eyes, referencing the Taiwanese word for a bouncy, chewy texture: “Q.”

Let QQ dragon be your guide this year. Eyes fixed on you, exuding warm confidence. Silhouetted by the moon, like a beacon of all that’s good. With fiery eyebrows and a blown-about mane, the dragon navigates change like a serpent in sand. The character for king, 王, ornaments its forehead, a designation of the domain of the spirit. And, of course, QQ is toothy beyond reproach—all the better for its charismatic and terrifying grin.

Specifications and Dimensions

Set of two stickers.
Printed on weatherproof vinyl.

Graphics by Lisa Cheng Smith.

4.5" L x 0.1" W x 5.3" H
11.4 cm L x 0.3 cm W x 13.5 cm H

Weight: 0.4 oz / 10 g (2-pack)

About Yun Hai Selection

Yun Hai Selection is the house brand of Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry.

SKU: YH042800