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Black Sesame Oil, Cold Pressed
Black Sesame Oil, Cold Pressed
Black Sesame Oil, Cold Pressed
Black Sesame Oil, Cold Pressed
Black Sesame Oil, Cold Pressed
Black Sesame Oil, Cold Pressed


Black Sesame Oil, Cold Pressed


This black sesame oil is cold-pressed in the old-fashioned way, so richly scented it coats the throat as you breathe it in. The seeds are toasted over a meticulously controlled wood fire, steamed to break down the seed walls, then shaped into oilseed cakes in circular molds. These circular cakes, wrapped in paper, are stacked in a hydraulic press and slowly compressed together to squeeze out the oil. Unlike expeller-pressed sesame oil, which does generate heat, this compression method is a low-heat process, which keeps the oil as pure and unaltered as possible.

The resulting oil is light, toasty, fresh, and well balanced as can be. Sesame oil is a healthy oil, containing mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Use it for salad dressings, finishing stir fries, or use as a dip. Absolutely versatile, but avoid high heat.

The Classic comes in two sizes: regular and bulk. The bulk is equivalent to about 7.5 bottles of the regular size, and comes in a large plastic jug to resist breakage.

Buying the bulk comes in at a savings of 36% compared to the regular size.

Black vs. White Sesame Oil

What’s the difference between white and black sesame oil? They’re made from two different species. White sesame oil is made from hulled tan/brown seeds, while black sesame oil typically has the hull on. White sesame oil has a lighter flavor and is typically used as a finishing oil or for dressing; black sesame oil has a deeper flavor more suitable for cooking dishes or adding to broths.

Fun fact: The black sesame oil has a higher level of iron, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants than white sesame oil does. It’s been shown to reduce oxidative stress throughout the body and is an important food in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Tasting Notes and Usage

deep, earthy and slightly bitter with notes of forest floor

With a stronger flavor than its white sesame counterpart, black sesame oil can be used for dishes requiring a more robust flavor. Great for meat, especially offal. Dishes: sesame oil chicken soup, three cup chicken.

Ingredients and Instructions

Classic & Taiwan Single Origin: 8.5 fl. oz.

Bulk: 1800 g / 1950 ml (equivalent to about 7.5 bottles of the regular size; comes in a large plastic jug to resist breakage)

  • Note: The best before date for the bulk size is May 5, 2024, however, the sesame oil will still be safe to consume.

100% cold pressed black sesame oil

Gluten Free

Store in a cool place away from the stove, and ensure that the cap is tightly closed after each use. The best before date printed on the bottle reflects how long the oil will retain its peak flavor, but it will still be safe to consume after.

About DongHe Oil

Dong He Oil is a traditional producer of cold-pressed oils and stone-ground sesame pastes located in Chiayi, Taiwan. The oil mill was founded 100 years ago in 1921, as the original producer of cooking oil for the Dongshi township in Chiayi county. Operating in the original wood-beamed, brick building with much of the original machinery, Dong He upholds the same traditional craft principles that distinguishes their products from competitors. They continue to produce cold-pressed sesame, peanut and camellia seed oils today, and have added stone-ground sesame pastes, peanut butters, and a line of specialty sauces featuring house ingredients and family recipes.

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