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Yun Hai Selection Dried Fruit Gift Set


Choose between a smaller gift set that contains 3 bags of dried fruit—Pineapple, Mango and Guava—or a larger one that contains 5 bags—Pineapple, Mango, Green Mango, Guava, and Wax apple. Both the smaller and larger gift set come with a jar or Shangi Taiwanese Plum Powder and a Ga Ji Dai Grocery Tote.

This product is part of a line of dried fruit that we created via crowdfunding on Kickstarter to support Taiwanese farmers that are vulnerable to trade volatility between Taiwan and China. We started this project in March of 2021, when China banned imports of Taiwan pineapples nearly overnight, wiping out 90% of Taiwan's export market and leaving farmers scrambling to find buyers. Wax Apple were banned as recently as September 2021. We work directly with farmer's and farmer-owned coops to source, purchase, and package the fruit, with the intent ease at least some of the dependency on trade with China.

Ingredients and Instructions

Dried Golden Diamond Pineapples - 100g
Dried Irwin Mangoes - 100g
Dried Green mangoes, salt, sugar - 100g
Dried Wax Apples - 60g
Dried Pearl Guavas, salt, sugar - 110g
Ground Dried Plums, sea salt, powdered sugar, licorice powder - 50g
Additive Free, No Preservatives

Processed in a facility that handles mangoes.

Best by printed date.
Store in a cool, dry place.

About Yun Hai Selection

Yun Hai Selection is the house brand of Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

We have many people to thank for helping us realize this project:

-All of the incredible farmers and their teams who tirelessly grew, dried, and packed these amazing fruits

-Feng for all her tenacity and agility in being our woman on the ground, packing and shipping all of the products out of Taiwan
All our friends and families who we put off or ignored or cancelled plans with to get these fruits out

-Hyphen Works for their passionate and thorough creative direction of our kickstarter campaign and our packaging, even when asked at a moment's notice

-Overice and Jessica Chen for turning around the most beauitful fruit illustrations more or less overnight (can i take a bite out of that wax apple? I'm still wondering)

-Leh Lin for dropping everything to join us on a last minute sourcing trip and his help with late night product photography

-Jeremiah Chiu for letting us use his amazing music for our Kickstarter video

- Sony Jin for pushing all the boundaries to rush deliver us the most beautiful packaging

-Xiao Luo and Xiao Yeh for producing cardboard boxes during a paper shortage and driving multiple hours to hand deliver them at a day’s notice

-Bryant for working tirelessly to find us a ship and a container amidst the shipping craziness

-Angeline and Annabel who made sure our products arrived and cleared customs without a hitch

- Melinda Roeleveld, Elisabeth Roeleveld, Christopher Roeleveld, James Smith, and Agnes Cheng for their help with the little ones while we edited video and copy again and again

- All our friends and family who we put off or ignored or cancelled plans with to get these fruits out

And of course thank you to our 1,117 backers, with special acknowledgment to the MEGA supporters below:

Aaron Jen, Acousticsheep LLC, Ada Chen, Agnes Cheng, Alexander Dumitriu, Allison Teng, Angela Juang, Annlie Huang, Arthur Keller, Belle Huang, Bill Himmelsbach, Brian Goldberg, Calvin Szeto, Caroline Chan, Cindy Hom, Debbie Lai, Derek Houng, Edward Liu, Emily Chang, Emily Kuo, Eric Delagardelle, Eugenia Hu, Felix Hu, Grace Flaak, Hanna Huang, Ho Chie Tsai, Ho Tsai, Hui Miao, Ian Anderson, James Lin, Jane Lui, Jean Han, Jeff Ho, Jeff Shieh, Jennifer Liang, Jimmy Qiu, John Wei, Josephina Shih, Josh Ku, Juliana Shyu, Justina Cheng, Kari Parks, Katherine Tsay, Kelvin Yen, King Leung, Larry Debrock, Lilly Lampe, Linda Hou, Lynna Tsou, Margaret Chou, Marcel Molina, Mei Edwards, Misty Burnett, Nikki Depaola, Olivia Tzou, Pamela Rose, Serena Teng, The Chuang Family, Trigg Brown, Wei-Zen Wei, and Xin Liu