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Black Sesame Paste, Stone Ground
Black Sesame Paste, Stone Ground
Black Sesame Paste, Stone Ground
Black Sesame Paste, Stone Ground
Black Sesame Paste, Stone Ground


Black Sesame Paste, Stone Ground


Stone ground black sesame paste, the key to kicking your tang yuan and dessert soups to the next level. Or just spread it on toast or drizzle it on ice cream, like we do.

Our sesame pastes are slowly stone ground between two smooth circular stones. This process generates very little heat, so the end product is pure in flavor, nutrients, and texture. Many nut butters and pastes are blade ground (even making peanuts in your food processor) which raise temperatures and can change the taste and texture.

We love it in dessert (and please do give black sesame noodles a try), but sesame (both black and white) are also very healthful, loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Guilt-free plant power.

We offer this both unsweetened (for the purists) and sweetened (also for the purists). May it be your nutella as it is ours.

Tasting Notes and Usage

rich and heady with notes of cocoa and roasted coffee

Separation is natural. Stir well before use.

Ingredients and Instructions

6.3 oz.

100% stone ground black sesame seeds (with and without sugar)

Gluten Free

About DongHe Oil

Dong He Oil is a traditional producer of cold-pressed oils and stone-ground sesame pastes located in Chiayi, Taiwan. The oil mill was founded 100 years ago in 1921, as the original producer of cooking oil for the Dongshi township in Chiayi county. Operating in the original wood-beamed, brick building with much of the original machinery, Dong He upholds the same traditional craft principles that distinguishes their products from competitors. They continue to produce cold-pressed sesame, peanut and camellia seed oils today, and have added stone-ground sesame pastes, peanut butters, and a line of specialty sauces featuring house ingredients and family recipes.

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