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Frizzled Ginger in Sesame Oil
Frizzled Ginger in Sesame Oil
Frizzled Ginger in Sesame Oil
Frizzled Ginger in Sesame Oil


Frizzled Ginger in Sesame Oil


This is a traditional Taiwanese flavor combo reminiscent of the classic Sesame Oil Chicken Soup and is our COO's favorite pantry staple. In Donghe's version, fresh ginger is slivered, then fried at low temps and steeped in cold-pressed sesame oil. The sharpness of the frizzled ginger is rounded out by the mellow sesame, the result an explosion of freshness that brings you instantly back to the Taiwanese food stands.

The ginger is perfect for warming up any hot winter dishes, or to add an extra kick to any protein or vegetable dish.

Tasting Notes and Usage

ginger, toasted sesame, roasted mushrooms, warm, spicy, woody, savoury

Ideal for mixing into dried noodles or a warming broth, or for finishing poached chicken, steamed fish and other seafood dishes, grilled meats or steamed vegetables.

Ingredients and Instructions

6.3 oz.

100% cold-pressed black sesame oil, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, rock sugar, alanine, maltodextrin, mushroom extract

Gluten Free

This product contains MSG, alanine and maltodextrin. We do not discriminate against MSG and other adjacent ingredients.

Read more about our these ingredients here.

About DongHe Oil

Dong He Oil is a traditional producer of cold-pressed oils and stone-ground sesame pastes located in Chiayi, Taiwan. The oil mill was founded 100 years ago in 1921, as the original producer of cooking oil for the Dongshi township in Chiayi county. Operating in the original wood-beamed, brick building with much of the original machinery, Dong He upholds the same traditional craft principles that distinguishes their products from competitors. They continue to produce cold-pressed sesame, peanut and camellia seed oils today, and have added stone-ground sesame pastes, peanut butters, and a line of specialty sauces featuring house ingredients and family recipes.

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