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Organic Dried Lion's Mane Mushroom


Sourced from a family-operated mushroom farm in the high mountains of Yunlin, Taiwan, our organic lion's mane mushrooms are cultivated by hand in a cellulose medium inside an open-air bamboo-raftered shed.

Also called monkey head mushrooms 猴頭菇 in Mandarin, lion's mane mushrooms are valued by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners for their health benefits, including aiding digestion and nourishing and strengthening the body.

Because lion’s mane mushrooms are sensitive to heat and humidity, the cold climate of Yunlin’s high-altitude mountains provide the perfect environment for their growth. Once the mushrooms are harvested, the farmers promptly begin a labor-intensive drying process. The mushrooms are smoke-dried over a low-temperature longan wood fire, fueled by wood from the pruning of fruit orchards. This smoke imbues the mushrooms with the lightest touch of smoke, almost a coffee-like aroma. The layers of mushrooms must be rotated in the smoker for an even exposure, and the low, slow fire is watched for 48 hours to make sure the flame persists. Because the fire is so delicate, the farmers sleep next to the smoker, taking turns stoking it.

Lion’s mane mushrooms, which have a tender, slightly chewy texture, can be used as a meat or shellfish substitute. In Taiwan, they are most often cut or torn into soups and stocks like Sesame Oil Lion’s Mane Soup 麻油猴頭菇湯, but can also be battered and deep-fried into dishes like Salt and Pepper Lion’s Mane 鹽酥猴頭菇.

Also consider our Organic Dried Mushroom Bundle, which includes lion's mane and log-grown shiitake mushrooms.

Tasting Notes and Usage

Mildly savory taste reminiscent of seafood, with a tender, slightly chewy texture

Soak in water for ten minutes, squeeze dry, and change out the water. Repeat three to four times to remove bitterness, then cook as desired.

Add them to soups and stocks for a flavorful boost (see how we made a vegetarian Aged Radish Soup using dried lion’s mane and our Preserved Aged Daikon). Or, batter and deep-fry them to make Salt and Pepper Lion’s Mane 鹽酥猴頭菇.

Ingredients and Instructions

Organic lion’s mane mushrooms

70 g / 2.5 oz
No preservatives or additives

Seal tightly after use and store in a cool and dry place. For best flavor, consume shortly after opening.

About Ying Ying Grange

Located in the high mountains of Yunlin in Central Taiwan—1300 meters above sea level—Ying Ying Grange 盈盈農圃 is run by husband-and-wife team Wu Ru-Ying 吳如瀅 and Chen An-Chiang 陳安獎. It is also one of the last mushroom farms in the region to continue the practice of log-growing mushrooms, which came to popularity during the Japanese colonial period. Ying Ying Grange produces both log-grown shiitake and space bag lion’s mane on their farm. Both are collected by hand the instant they are ready, then smoke-dried over a low-temperature longan wood fire, fueled by lumber from the pruning of fruit orchards.

About Yun Hai Selection

Yun Hai Selection is the house brand of Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry.