Best Of Bundle (save 10%)

This bundle contains the best we have to offer, all handmade in small batches in Taiwan. These are the products that started it all—on personal trips to Taiwan, we'd seek out these premium artisanal items to sneak home in our suitcase (we met the the maker of Su Chili Crisp in a little alley by our bed and breakfast to grab a few cases after finally tracking him down on Facebook, for example). This eventually got tiresome and we decided to start importing, as we felt many people would benefit from their availability. We were right! These are our bestselling products and our customers have made their love known by coming back for them again and again.

Bundle Contents
  • Amber River Soy Sauce
  • Soy Paste with Glutinous Rice Grains
  • Su Chili Crisp

Amber River Soy Sauce

This soy sauce has been brewed for a year in terracotta barrels under the Taiwan sun. It's made from single-origin, hand selected black soybeans grown by a farmer friend of the soy sauce brewer. The flavor is chocolatey and complex; it's the best soy sauce we have on offer. Use it in dips and finishing sauces. Gluten-free.

Soy Paste with Glutinous Rice Grains

Soy Paste, also known as thick soy sauce, is soy sauce thickened with rice starch or grains. Use it as a dip, a glaze, or for finishing stir-fries. This soy paste is made from our single-origin Amber River Soy Sauce, which has been cooked with glutinous rice grains to add body and sweetness. Gluten-free.

Su Chili Crisp

You'll be surprised at how well this works as a finishing oil for almost anything. Stir well before using to get plenty of crispy sediment. This is a mala chili crisp; the brown peppercorn flavor makes Sichuan cooking a breeze.