Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry was inspired by my experience cooking Chinese and Taiwanese food at home, always searching for the right ingredients and recipes. Below, please find our collection of Chinese and Taiwanese recipes from friends, family, and our own recipe books.

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Tainan Style Zongzi ~ 台南肉粽

Tainan Style Zongzi

We  present a recipe for Zongzi in the classic style of Southern Taiwan. The rice is lightly seasoned with soy sauces and stir fried; the pork is marinated and browned; salted egg yolk adds brightness; boiled peanuts bring silkiness; and dried baby shrimp, shallots and shiitake mushroom combine with the fragrance of the bamboo leaves to create a distinct herbaceous flavor.
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Lu Rou Fan ~ 滷肉饭

Lu Rou Fan

Lu Rou Fan is like the Sunday Sauce of Taiwan—a rich and aromatic five-spice pork ragú whipped up from simple and inexpensive ingredients. It easily...

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